Happy Clients


"Danielle is awesome to work with! She edited my first book and I'm excited to work with her again on my second book. What I love about Danielle is she's very timely in her editing and goes above and beyond in everything she does. She was always  days ahead of schedule and sent me her feedback days before each deadline. She was willing to format her comments and feedback in a way that worked best for me. Lastly, she heard my voice in my writing and worked with it instead of changing my voice like other editors have done. She took the time to provide encouraging feedback while also being very honest. As a new writer, that means so much to me. Danielle is awesome to work with. I'm pumped to have found my editor and get to work with her again. In the meantime, I've been sharing her info with all my writing friends!"

Lindsey Nubern, Author

"I have worked with Danielle for almost three years. She edited every single blog post that I wrote and edited a lengthy five week Bible study. Danielle is not only professional in her editing services, but she has a good eye for catching mistakes and a good ear for changing words to make them sound better. She looks for the big picture in my writing and comes back with kind, but genuine, feedback fro each paragraph and the piece as a whole. I would personally recommend Danielle as the editor for your next project." 

— Kasey Shuler


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