Every story is important, including yours. Let me help you tell your story.

— Danielle Holmes, Founder

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Partnering with you to make your content ready for web or print publication.


Do you want to be recognized as an expert in your field? Do you need help clearly communicating “the why” to reach your audience or clients? I offer copyediting, heavy copyediting, developmental editing, and copywriting services. I specialize in web content, outbound business content, and nonfiction manuscripts. My web editing includes website scrubs, blog tuneups, and ongoing managing editor services. My website scrub or blog tuneup lets you do what you’re good at: creating the product, providing the service, or providing insight and advice, without worrying that grammar or readability are getting in your way. All web content is done with SEO keyword searchability in mind.

If you’re wondering why you need an editor when you have spell check and grammar check in your word processing software, the bottom-line is: editing is more than nitpicking grammar, adding commas, or catching missing words. Editing finds errors (both grammatical and factual) before the reader sees them. Editing makes sure your ideas are clearly communicated through audience-accessible, readable text. Editing combines your content with my eye for detail and creates a finished, polished product. An edited end product will maintain the author's voice while eliminating grammatical errors, poor readability, and inconsistencies in writing.

I truly believe that all content starts with an idea bravely written down, and I am committed to honoring the vulnerability of that act.

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