Services for Businesses


Business services include packages, personalized packages, and retainers.

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Social media Management

Looking for help keeping up with your social media? We offer management packages that include: posting, copywriting, and photography. We offer compelling content to help your brand stand out from competitors and resonate with your ideal client.

website Scrub

Your website is the public face of your brand. Your website is where you tell your story, the story of why your product, service, or advice matters. A website scrub lets me edit the content you already have to create pages that are engaging, grammatically correct, geared toward your audience, and sound like the best version of you. This service includes an initial consultation, research time, so I can know your brand and industry, and SEO research on your top five keywords or keyword phrases. 

Content creation Packages

Running a modern business or brand involves a lot of content creation. If you simply don’t have the time to write email drips, newsletters, workbook content, or content for online challenges, I can free up your time to drive you brand forward.

Wordsmithing Retainer

Maybe you like writing some of your brand content, but not all of it. What you really need is someone to edit what you’re currently writing and take care of writing the all the extras you don’t have time for or don’t have words for. This retainer is for you.

Personalized Style Guide

When you run a business, you’re producing content across multiple platforms. Depending on the size of your business, you may have multiple writers producing that content. A style guide discusses language, grammar, and word choice so you have consistent content across all platforms.