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Services for bloggers include packages, personalized packages, retainers, and hourly pricing.

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Blog Tune-up

Do you worry your story will be overshadowed by grammatical errors or awkward transitions? Are you incredibly busy and need someone to give your blog content a once-over before publication? Do you have multiple contributing authors and want stylistic consistency while maintaining each author’s voice? If you answered yes to any of these questions, a blog tune-up is what you’re looking for. This service includes an initial consultation and industry/SEO research so I can understand the context of your blog. 


According to the Society for Editors and Proofreaders, the aim of copyediting is to "ensure that whatever appears in public is accurate, easy to follow, fit for purpose and free of error, omission, inconsistency, and repetition. This process picks up embarrassing mistakes, ambiguities and anomalies, alerts the client to possible legal problems and analyses the document structure for the typesetter/designer." Copyediting works for your project if you have a mostly finished piece of content and you want it polished and checked for errors.

Blog Managing Editor

If the blog tune-up service interests you, but you want an ongoing service that caters directly to your blog, you need a managing editor. A managing editor oversees content publication for your blog. Duties can include creating and maintaining a style guide, working with you to help set realistic content goals, editing content, carrying out an already created SEO plan, and flagging copyright and plagiarism issues. If you have multiple contributing authors or are just looking to take your blog content to the next level, this package is for you. Duties and pricing for this package are dependent on the needs of the client.Insurance and risk management

Wordsmithing Retainer

Maybe you like writing some of your brand content, but not all of it. What you really need is someone to edit what you’re currently writing and take care of writing the all the extras you don’t have time for or don’t have words for. This retainer is for you.

Personalized Style Guide

As your blog grows, you’ll produce content across multiple platforms. Depending on the size of your blog, you may have multiple writers producing that content. A style guide discusses language, grammar, and word choice so you have consistent content across all platforms.