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Things I Look Up When I'm Editing - Volume II

What do you think of when you think of editors? Do you think I spend all my time reading grammar articles? Worse yet, do you think all editing does is nitpick grammar?

Editing includes so much more than basic grammar. Editing looks at readability, accuracy, and engagement. I also spend a lot more time looking up random things for context than I do reviewing the many ways a comma can be used. My grammar game is strong, but my knowledge of the first parachute jump is not.

Things I Look Up When I'm Editing - Volume I

When you think of an editor, what do you think of? Do you imagine I work at a desk, surrounded by style guides and hardback grammar books? Do you imagine that I spend my time highlighting books that fall under the category of Literature, with a capital L? Do you imagine I scroll through my Facebook feed gleefully pointing out all the grammatical errors in every post? Do you imagine when I'm editing I spend my time looking up the intricacies of comma usage and vertical lists?

More importantly, do alligators hibernate?