Why You Need To Take a Pause to Create Compelling Content

Why You Need To Take a Pause to Create Compelling Content

This might feel counterintuitive, but taking a true pause, whether short or long, is what you need to reinvigorate your content, find new ideas, and be able to reinvest in your work.

In my August newsletter, I talked about taking a pause. I defined circumstances that required a pause and some ways to make a pause happen. I’m not getting back into the how, but I do want to revisit the why.

Circumstances that Demand a Pause:

  • Death

  • Vacations

  • Sickness/emergencies

  • Continuing education

  • Family needs

  • Burnout.

I actually think burnout often ends up being the product of not taking a pause during one of the circumstances on my shortlist

Why You Need a Pause

Our world is busy. If you’re a business owner or author, you’re creating a product/service or writing a book. And you’re posting to social media. And curating inspiring quotes for Instagram. And writing a weekly blog post + newsletter. And going live. And engaging with people. And going to networking events. And this is jsut work. This doesn’t include the list that comes from maintaining a home, taking care of yourself, and maybe taking care of a family.

And all these things are wearing you out. All these things are destroying your concentration, robbing your creativity, and impacting your relationships.

One solution: a pause.

Signs You Need a Pause

When life gets so crazy that I ugly cry in the shower, start eating way too much popcorn and bagged salad, and can't pick up a parenting, faith, or personal/professional development book to save my sanity, it's time for a pause. If I don't I'll end up burned out, and depending on mental health concerns, maybe needing to see a therapist.

-Danielle Holmes, the Table

Benefits of a Pause

  • Reinvigorated creativity

  • Renewed passion for tasks you need to complete

  • Time and space to create a schedule and strategy

  • Enough space to reprioritize ( and maybe outsource)

  • Sleep

Three Resources to Inspire Your Pause

  1. Deepwork: Ditch Your Cognitive Junk Food with Cal Newport

  2. Steph’s Guide to Analog August

  3. A Girl’s Guide to Analog August

I’d love to hear what you think of these resources and how you’re taking a pause and setting boundaries in the comments!

Why Not Right Now? (aka: you have a why, so stop waiting)

Why Not Right Now? (aka: you have a why, so stop waiting)