Things I Look Up When I'm Editing - Volume II

Things I Look Up When I'm Editing - Volume II

Sometimes my editing look ups might seem esoteric, or even like questions you'd expect to see on trivia night. But, those lookups matter to someone. Maybe all the travel questions are for a travel book and maybe all the questions about education are for a tutoring website. I'm pretty sure if you bought that travel book, you'd be glad to know the editor looked up the occasional fact that seemed out of place. And, don't we all want to know the answers to the grammar questions?

This week I'm looking up travel facts, event names, and mortgage industry information.

Things I look up when I'm editing

Q: TV or tv?
A: The Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS) uses TV. What I actually found the most interesting was CMOS was the first reference style to italicize TV show names, like a title, instead in quotation marks, which is usually lesser titles, like chapter titles are indicated. CMOS recognized the importance of TV show in popular culture. Want to see for yourself? Check out the CMOS writeup on TV.

Q: Did the first parachute jump really that early (the manuscript said 1797)?
A: YES!!!!! André-Jacques Garnerin took the first parachute jump on October 22, 1797. There's even a Google Doodle.

Q: Is the summer Olympics capitalized?
A: Yes, but they're not capitalized and called the summer Olympics, instead they are called Summer (or winter) Olympic Games.

Q: Is it One Time Loan Close or One Time Loan Close Program?
A: One Time Close Loan

Q: Did Olympic Games winners always receive gold medals (I'm assuming the author meant in modern times, because they did not win gold metals in ancient Greece—they got more practical items, like giant jugs of olive oil and were crowned with circlets made of olive leaves)?
A: The first two modern Olympic Games did not give out traditional medals, and definitely not gold medals. It wasn't till the 1904 Games in St. Louis that the traditional gold, silver, and bronze medals were given out.

Q: In a casual context would you say, "The Andes," or "The Andes Mountains?"
A: While there's no technical yes or no to this, The Andes is more commonly used.

What random editing questions do you have?
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