Talking in Elevators

Talking in Elevators

National Talk In An Elevator Day

Today is National Talk in An Elevator Day and I'm sure today saw many articles about how to best introduce yourself to the friendly stranger in the elevator, elevator etiquette, and even the psychology of where people stand in an elevator. You might even see some Instagram posts of people cheerfully taking selfies in elevators.

When I think of talking in elevators, I think of elevator pitches. 

What is an Elevator Pitch?

An elevator pitch is a short and memorable description of you, your business, and your service or product. The etymology of the elevator pitch is uncertain, and all the options feel like plots in a movie, but the common takeaway is you should always be prepared to sell or pitch your idea anytime you meet a new connection, potential client, or potential investor, especially when you spend a lot of time in an enclosed space—like an elevator. 

Elevator Pitch to Core Web Content

If you do a lot of business in the digital space, work in a specific niche, or have an already thriving business you might wonder why you need to create an elevator pitch. My answer to you: creating an elevator pitch helps you narrow your core services, memorably identify yourself, and define your way—all key content points. Taking the time to create a memorable and heartfelt elevator pitch will provide you with content for your Home page, About page, brochures, ad campaigns, grant applications, and mission statements. 

Let's Write An Elevator Pitch



Start with a memorable opener

The first section of your elevator pitch needs to get the reader or listener's attention, create the beginning of a narrative, and profile you as unique. This might seem difficult, but it's easier than you think.

  • What's a great tag line you use in your social media, web content, or when you talk to people? One of my clients, a nonprofit that support military spouse entrepreneurship, uses the phrase, "Military spouses are magical" in their social media posts and in member areas. Don't tell me you wouldn't stop and listen if you heard this. I use the phrases "kindness first" and "your story matters."

  • Do you have an interesting origin story? Maybe you met your business co-founder commiserating over the lack of jobs and remote workspaces in your community? Maybe someone made a difference in your life and you wanted to help someone else out? Maybe you had a terrible experience and knew you could do it better. All these can provide great openers.

The biggest takeaway here is, tell me a story. No matter how you intro your pitch, it needs to feel like the beginning of a story you can't wait to finish. It can be funny, tragic, or motivational, it just needs to be compelling.

Then describe what makes you unique and what you can do for your audience

This section is straight forward. What are you offering, and what makes your offering better than everybody else's offering. This section is about your value proposition. What makes your product or service worth your potential client opening their wallet. Maybe your product is solid and you use a giveback model; tell them. Maybe you had problem, couldn't find a solution, and solved it. Since you couldn't find a solution, your solution is unique. Maybe your co-working space isn't just about a spot to setup a laptop, it's place for fun, community, learning, networking, and has a cute doodle that shows up for work.

Come back to your "why"

Now that you caught someone's attention and got to the heart of who you are, you have to end as memorably as you started. Your why is the passion that motivated you to start a business or change jobs. Your why is what keeps you going during lean times or during behind the scenes work you don't love. You know your why. So, share with your reader and let them connect with you.

Are you looking for an easy guide to help you write your best elevator pitch? Download my free PDF here.

If you're feeling stuck writing your elevator pitch, feel free to check out my elevator pitch.

Did you write an elevator pitch using my template. Share it and tag me on social media @theobserverstable and use the hashtag #observerstable

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